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Kathysia industrial Co., Ltd was reorganized from Zhengzhou spring factory, which founded in 1957, having more than 60 years of professional experience in this field. Kathysia is a designated spring products supplier by the Chinese ministry of machinery industry, and a member of China spring association.

We Supply all kinds of Springs for all applications, If you can’t find a stock spring for your application, or would like to match a competitor’s spring not offered through this website, Our engineering staff is ready to answer your questions or assist in designing the right spring for your application.

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Extension springs can maintain constant force throughout their working extension, or can be made to give a variable force. Constant Force Torque Springs Constant torque springs are ideal for a wide variety of uses where constant torque or tension is required.Constant Force Springs Constant force springs get their name because they are a spring with which the force of motion is at constant exertion. The tightly wound roll works in a linear movement and does not obey Hooke’s law (F=kX) but this allows it to constantly produce force throughout its deflection.The constant force spring is an excellent device for applications where a constant load is required. Some of the many applications of constant force springs are in counterbalances, door closers, cable retractors, hose retrievers, tool head returns, cabinet & furniture components, gym equipment, hair dryers, toys, electric motors, appliances, space vehicles, and other long-motion functions.

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Constant-force springs are used in cable grounding and rejacketing. They wrap around cable and provide continuity in grounding low- or medium-voltage cables without the need for soldering. They are coiled when relaxed and become charged when unrolled, even partially.

Constant force springs / roll springs are used to provide reliable solderless continuity in earthing in low & medium voltage joints and termination systems. Hex offers constant force springs / roll springs as per customer requirements and specifications.Constant Force Springs Exerts a constant radial pressure to secure sheaths, tapes and wires Easily applied by threading around the cable core or outer Provides reliable solderless continuity High output force 304 Stainless Steel Large range of sizes 12 Month Warranty Power JointsConstant Force Springs SPEC® Constant Force Springs are a special type of extension spring, made from 301 stainless steel with a plain finish. The spiral construction allows for near constant rate of tension over the working extension, which is why this spring is sometimes known as constant tension spring.

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Constant Force Springs - SWA is one of the UK's leading suppliers of cable terminations, fastenings, fixings and tools for the electrical and construction industries.

3M Electrical Earthing range includes Scotchcast Constant Force Springs which are a range of solderless connections for use on lead or aluminium sheaths and copper screened cables.Introduction 3M Scotchcast constant force springs are manufactured from anti-magnetic, sprung 301/302 stainless steel and suitable for a range of solderless mechanical earthing or grounding applications. Cable screening connections on Medium (MV) and High Voltage (HV) cables Lead (Pb) or corrugated aluminium (CAS) sheath earthingShop for Constant Force Springs in Cable Gland/Grip - Accessories from Rexel USA where contractors and project managers can find the electrical Constant Force Springs products they need for their projects. false (View Customer Accounts) We have updated our data protection policies based on

3M™ Constant Force Spring

3M™ Constant Force Springs are a range of solderless connections for earthing or grounding use on lead and aluminium cable sheaths, cable screening tapes or wires, and steel or aluminum armour wires.

offers 2,168 constant force spring products. About 87% of these are Springs. A wide variety of constant force spring options are available to you, such as usage, style, and load type.Springs for Retracting and Retrieving Cable Reels. The SPIR’ATOR spring enables long deflections, which can be utilized in reels, such as a 100-foot cable reel, to reduce the overall package weight and size.. Spring Motor Assemblies (NEG'ATOR) NEG'ATOR spring motor assemblies contain single or double NEG'ATOR constant force springs that are mounted on one or two storage drums and an outputSpring Anchors are produced exclusively by Century Spring and can be the quickest, most efficient and economical way to secure the ends of an extension spring.They are low cost, adjustable, rugged and easy to use. These time-saving devices put your extension spring to work the easy way, enabling you to fine tune your loads with minimum trouble.

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The 3M Constant Force Springs are for use on Lead or Aluminium Sheaths and Copper Screened Cables. Typical applications for the Force Springs are Power, Control and Telecom Cables. The 3M Springs are easily applied by rolling the spring onto the sheath connection.

Vulcan Spring, a supplier of mass-produced custom spring solutions from design to production, brings your industrial application or POP display to life! Vulcan Spring, a supplier of mass-produced custom spring solutions from design to production, brings your industrial application or POP display to life! Variable Force Springs.Scotchcast ™ Constant Force Springs are a choice of solderless cable connections for use on lead and also aluminium sheaths and copper screened cables. The springs can be easily installed simply by rolling over the sheath connections, whereupon it continues to exert a consistent amount of pressure.Oct 18, 2018  Subscribe now to our POWER NEWSLETTER–packed with news, projects, videos, technical tips, training information, promotions, webinars, career opportunities and white papers.. Includes access to our popular JOINTERS BLOG with contributions from utility professionals, linesmen and cable jointers working on MV HV EHV cables and overhead lines typically at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and up to 132kV.

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Constant Force Extension Springs. Constant Force Torque Springs. Power Springs. Spiroflex Division; Cable retractors for industrial applications; Medical technology. SPIROFLEX division launch their new website » All news about KERN-LIEBERS Ltd. / SPIROFLEX.

A constant force spring is a roll of pre stressedstrip which exerts a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling (Figures 1 and 2). The force is constant because the change in the radius of curvature is constant. This is true if the change in coil diameter due to buildup is disregarded.The input and output cables can be a single continuous piece, eliminating cable terminations and reducing stress on the pulley. A mechanism for converting the force from a linear extension spring2) A constant force spring 3) Copper braid grounding strip(s) Non-Armored VFD Cable Termination Instructions The instructions below apply to both the drive and the motor end of the cable, and pertain to both copper tape shield and copper braid/aluminum foil shielded VFD cables. Marking the Jacket A. Insert the cable into the enclosure.