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  • Best Mosin Nagant Accessories and Upgrades – 2019 Complete

    The best accessories and upgrades for a Mosin Nagant are always made from the best quality materials. We place high importance on things that are made from materials that will allow an accessory or upgrade to last. the kit comes with a multi-tool in the form of a flat screwdriver and a slotted tool for checking and adjusting the firing pin

    Jul 01, 2016  The Mosin Nagant Firing Pin Spring by Howling Raven is a precision made custom spring designed to replace the existing 80 year old plus stock spring. Our firing pin spring helps reduce "sticky

    Exploded View: Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 Family Of Rifles from the cocking piece. The firing pin is under spring tension, and will jump slightly when fully unscrewed. Mosin-Nagant Model 1891

    A. It is a combination screwdriver, firing pin protrusion gauge and firing pin wrench. It is commonly known as a "bolt tool" and it's use as a firing pin gauge is illustrated on the Mosin Nagant Rifle Exploded Views and Disassembly page. 19: Q. What is headspace and should I get it checked?

    New M91 firing pin spring. We believe these are Polish by may be Russian. New, unissued military production. This is the correct firing pin spring for all Mosin Nagant rifle variants including: M1891, M91/30, M38, M1944, Chinese Type 53, Romanian, Hungarian, Finish and Polish.

  • Mosin Nagant Parts Compatibility

    Mosin Nagant Parts Compatibility 13, and 14. Follower carrier spring, screw, pin, follower spring, pin, and follower. These are interchangeable among all models. 11. Follower carrier. These are interchangeable among all models but must be used with the compatible floorplate. 1. ejector/interrupter firing pin: 5. firing pin spring 6

    FIRING PIN SPRING Original MOSIN NAGANT EXCELLENT M9130 91/30 M44 M39 C76. $8.00. Brand: Mosin Nagant. Free shipping. 188 sold. Watch. Mosin Nagant recoil Lug. $9.99. Mosin Nagant Rifle Trigger upgrade MOD Spring Kit - shorter lighter trigger pull. $12.95. Top Rated Plus. $0.98 shipping. Type: Trigger Parts. Watch.

    The Mosin Nagant bolt is incredible in its simplicity of design. It can be disassembled and reassembled without any tools, though for best performance, a firing pin protrusion gauge can be used. The gauge doubled as a screwdriver and was issued in the standard cleaning kit.

    I learned a loads from that build and the final outcome was a resounding success with thousands of rounds of fun shot down range to date. This time around, I wanted to go all the way with an Ultimate Mosin Nagant build using all the best components I could find to make the Mosin feel and maybe even shoot better than even that original build.

    May 16, 2013  One of the world's most popular bolt-action rifles is the Mosin Nagant. This old 19th century design renowned for its ability to take any punishment and keep on ticking had been brought into the 21st century through a number of recent upgrades and Firearms Talk looks at them.

  • Mosin Nagant Spring products for sale

    1 product rating 1 product ratings - Mosin Nagant Firing Pin Spring M44 M38 91/30 M39. $7.99. Top Rated Plus. FAST 'N FREE. 73 sold. Watch. Mosin Nagant Trigger Return Spring Kit - Detailed Install Instructions. Mosin Nagant Trigger Upgrade Spring Kit Shorter Lighter Pull M44 M53 M39 91/30. $3.79. Free shipping. Watch.

    Nov 08, 2014  Description Replace that 60 plus year old firing pin spring with this custom wound Mosin Nagant firing pin spring.    The “Strike Force” spring was developed in a joint venture between the owner of and C&R spring company LLC to the create a spring that helps improve the functionality of  your Mosin Nagant.

    Another accessory you will want to consider purchasing for your Mosin-Nagant is a cleaning kit. Cleaning kits for the Mosin-Nagant rifles consist of one firing pin protrusion gauge/screwdriver combo, one muzzle crown protector, one cleaning rod head, one rod handle/punch, one rod

    Mosin Nagant Trigger Return Spring UPGRADE. The Mosin Nagant Rifle is unique in that it does not have a trigger Return Spring. When in the cocked position, the result is a loose trigger that flops around until it engages the sear. Over 80 years ago, the Finnish Army improved the trigger of the M24 by adding a trigger return spring as shown in the top picture.

    If you own one of the many imported Mosin Nagant rifle & carbine variations, chances are you are experiencing a "floppy trigger". Just like low testosterone there is a cure for this flaccid condition except less embarrassing. The solution is a simple low cost TRIGGER RETURN SPRING KIT installed on the trigger pin.

  • Top 10 Mosin Nagant Modifications

    When I originally looked for potential modifications for my own 91/30 Mosin, I scoured the web searching through forum after forum listening the opinions of a wide range of Mosin owners. However, there was no definitive list of modifications that should be done. This is the list. Below you will find the culmination of all Continue reading Top 10 Mosin Nagant Modifications

    Mosin Nagant Firing Pin M44 M38 91/30 M39 In good serviceable condition Interchangeable with all models of rifles and carbines.These parts will work with any Bolt Action Mosin Nagant rifle no matter when it was made. From 1891 Russia to 1968 China, these rifles use all the same bolt parts.

    Aug 06, 2011    When you pull the trigger it hinges on the trigger pin and the bottom of the trigger ‘box’ rubs against the top of the sear/spring.   This pulls the sear downward and the sear ‘hook’ (the squared-off part at the back of the sear/spring) allows the firing pin to fly forward inside the bolt.

    MOSIN NAGANT M91 FIRING PIN. Price $16.95. More Details Buy. FIRING PIN SPRING - M91 - MOSIN NAGANT. Price $6.95. More Details BOLT CONNECTOR - M91 - MOSIN NAGANT MOSIN NAGANT TRIGGER SEAR SPRING, PIN, SCREW, 3-PIECE COMBO. Price $19.95. More Details : MOSIN NAGANT MAG BODY FRAME. Price $11.95. More Details Buy

    Dec 04, 2016  Most often, Mosin owners can get their rifles shooting again by disassembling the bolt, aggressive cleaning of the firing pin and spring, and cleaning the bolt's interior with a good dose of carburetor cleaner and swabs, followed by a liberal coating

  • Mosin Trigger Spring Review

    A trigger spring is an easy, cheap, and therefore common modification to the Mosin-Nagant trigger group. The original Russian design doesn’t include a trigger spring, but adding a spring into the trigger’s guts will take up some of the slack and some springs will actually drop the pull weight by a small amount.

    so i've taken my mosin out after not shooting a while (but i always do the windex thing) and i shot it yesterday and i notice i can fire, eject and load the next cartridge, and the trigger won't work. after taking it home and inspecting the action i notice i can fire it, but when i cock it and return the bolt handle back down, the firing pin gets released again resulting in a dead trigger