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May 26, 2011  Neal Emery from Hornady Manufacturing interviews Ken Anderson of Nordic Components at the 2011 CMMG Midwest 3-Gun Championship. Ken shows how to install a Nordic Components PMag ExtensionThe included spring is 45 inches long and will need to be trimmed to fit. This extension tube kit is sold without the firearms specific tube nut. Tube nuts can be purchased separately. The various Nordic Components Tube Nuts can be purchased separately and can be seen in the Related Items section below.How to measure Extension Springs and Tension Springs. To Measure your Extension Springs Correctly See diagram to the right for explanation. -----> You will need to know the following extension spring measurements: 1. Wire Diameter 2. Outer Diameter 3. Length inside Hook 4. Body Length 5. Choose your hook type below:

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Jul 23, 2015  The first time I ever had an issue it turned out that the extension was not screwed tight enough into the tube nut, so, even though the tube nut was tight on the internal magazine, there was enough of a gap under the tube nut for that bare spring end to catch between the internal tube and the extension.Aug 03, 2012  Nordic advises an uncompressed length of 10-16" longer than the entire magazine tube length. Make sure you have a spare on standby before you do any cutting.PDU size is payload of each packet on Link Layer. ATT_MTU is unit on upper layer called Attribute Protocol. So ATT_MTUs are transported over LL PDUs, there is some overhead of these layers (as well as intermediate layers like L2CAP. Extension

Prime-Line Products SP 9600 Extension Spring with 0.35-Inch Diameter, 1/4-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch,(Pack of 2)

To calculate spring wire length in feet, use the following formulas. Calculate Compression Spring Wire Length in Feet: 14DN ÷ 12 = Lf. Calculate Extension Spring Wire Length in Feet: 3.14D (N+2) ÷ 12 = Lf. Calculate Torsion Spring Wire Length in Feet: (3.14DN + LL1 + LL2) ÷ 12 = Lf. Key: D = Mean Diameter; N = Total Coils; Li = Length (inches)The Nordic Components shotgun barrel clamp provides extra rigidity for your magazine extension. Features 10-32 threaded hole for mounting Picatinny rails or other accessories. Fits most shotguns when used with a Nordic Components MXT extension tube.Jul 27, 2013  Hi guys, I have a Mossberg SPX with the Choate +2 and am going to be replacing the Choate Mag Extension with the Nordic +4. Can anyone give me an idea what length I should expect to cut the Nordic spring to past the tube? Thanks much!

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Nordic recommended 12" of the spring to protrude past the new extension's installed length, my mag tube and extension are about 14" long, so I cut to 26" and ended up with two 26" halves.

On semi-automatic shotguns especially, magazine spring length can be critical for proper function. We recommend that approximately 16” extends past the end of the Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension as a starting point. We do not recommend trimming shorter than 12”.Dec 10, 2015  How to install a magazine extension tube on a Remington 870, 1100, 11-87. We cover take down and how to grind the dimples off the stock magazine tube to make way for the shell follower thenIt is best for the extension spring to be pre-loaded so try to make the length inside hooks a little bit smaller for these cases. The extension spring design formulas to calculate physical dimensions are provided below as well as how to choose your material type. Hook Type. There are several types of extension spring hooks.

Nordic Components Shotgun Mag Tube Extension Spring Only

Nordic Components Shotgun Magazine Tube Extension Spring Only 12 Gauge 45" Length

Jul 17, 2014  The Nordic Components extension screws into place just like the fore end cap which is no longer needed. The kit comes with a new magazine tube spring which you cut to desired length. This Nordic Components 2 round extension gave me a total magazine tube capacity of 7Extension Springs are organized in order of increasing diameter and wire size. Note that in each category the spring rate decreases as the length increases. After identifying the proper outside diameter of the spring needed, select a range for wire diameter and free length.The two main magazine extensions for the 20 gauge Remington 870 are the Nordic Components magazine tube and the Choate magazine tube. The Nordic is made of aluminum and comes in three parts. It has a high quality spring and it is light weight. Most shooters love using this extension because it doesn’t give them problems.

Guide to Measuring Extension Springs

4 Measure the overall length of the spring. The overall length of this spring is 6.055 inches long. Now you will have all the information required to measure your extension spring accurately. Thank you for reading our guide and if you find yourself holding a spring like the one below, which is not easily measurable or describable we have members on staff who are always here to help.

The Nordic Components 12GA 45" HD Extension Tube Spring (MXT-SP-045-50) has extra length to allow fitting to the magazine, heavy-duty strength, and recommended for applications where magazine capacity isFeb 24, 2015  How long is the total length of your magazine tube spring? Nordic uncut magazine tube springs are 45" in length. Your magazine tube spring should extend 12" to 14" beyond the magazine tube extension. I like to go 14" beyond the magazine tube extension and wouldn't go any shorter with a long magazine tube extension.Brownells is your source for NORDIC COMPONENTS at Brownells parts and accessories. Shop our vast selection and save!

Extension Spring Calculation Formulas in English Units

Spring Design Calculation. Within the spring design, wire diameter, number of coils and spring free length L 0 are set for a specific load, material and assembly dimensions.. If the calculated spring does not match any wire diameter for the τ 0 stress according to the formula, the spring calculation is repeated with the corrected stress value in a free state within the recommended range.