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  • How and When to Replace the Recoil Spring on a Kimber Pro

    Mar 28, 2019  Can I replace the recoil spring myself? Yes, on most 1911 pistols, the replacement of the recoil spring can be done by the user. 1911’s with a barrel bushing can be very easily replaced. After field stripping the gun, the recoil spring simply pulls off of the guide rod and can be replaced at that time. Replacing the spring on the Pro models

    The Glock Recoil Spring Assembly is a Polymer, factory replacement part. For a more durable, muzzle flip-reducing option, consider trying one of our stainless steel, or tungsten guide rods, with a variety of spring weights to choose from. Fits Gen 1, 2, and 3 Glocks Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273

    Oct 13, 2015  Friends, I am shooting both a factory load and reload for shooting IPSC. In your experience, what is the best recoil spring weight for the following pistols: 1. Glock 17 Gen 4 - I will shoot reload most of the time 130 pf 2. Glock 34 & 35 Gen 4 - I will shoot reload most of the time 165 pf. R

    The Glock is easy to use, reliable, it has a high capacity of fire and above all, it is inexpensive. These were the standards other manufacturers needed to achieve, and therefore, developed similar handguns with a striker system based on a spring loaded firing pin, without a hammer and with a polymeric frame.

    Jul 14, 2015  DPM Recoil Reduction System For Glock 43. Should have it in about a week and will post the results of my first trip to the range with it installed. Picking up my G43 from my gunsmith tomorrow. He reduced trigger pull from almost 8 pounds to 5 pounds and installed plus 1 and plus 2 Taran Tactical base pads on the factory magazines.

  • Gen 3 Glock 21 guide rod slipping

    Jan 22, 2017  If you field strip your Glock and remove the guide rod then place it in it's correct position on the frame and imagine how the slide will look surrounding it, you can see that it butts up against the frame directly in front of the Locking Block. That's the normal contact point for the recoil spring.

    Oct 19, 2018  A brief video discussing selecting a recoil spring weight for my Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS pistol. Includes slow motion video and really edgy takes.

    Oct 15, 2015  Recoil spring test. Pull trigger and hold to the rear. 4. Retract slide and ride it slowly forward. You'll feel the point where the barrel hood starts to engage the ejection port. 5. Release the slide and allow it to finish forward travel. If the slide goes back into battery while the Glock is pointed up with the trigger pulled,

    The Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod for Gen1, 2, 3 Glocks helps to increase your control of your Glock by reducing the felt recoil and muzzle flip. Order one today along with other accessories to help you shoot faster and more accurately at

    Jul 06, 2013  You may need to remove the rear slide cover and depress the firing pin safety with a punch or "Glock tool". Then try to depress the slide release levers

  • Recoil Springs

    Brownells is your source for Recoil Springs,Recoil Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. Shop our vast selection and save!

    Dec 18, 2015  Just bought a Glock 43 TALO with Ameriglo iron night sights. I took it to the range and put 150 rounds through it for which it was completely flawless. When I got home to take it down I noticed that the recoil spring is not at all snug it its place and kind of just lays there.

    Mar 08, 2013  The Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) on GLOCKS is a very important part of the operational chain that determines if the pistol fires or not. GLOCK highly reccommends replacing the RSA every 3 to 5 thousand rounds. Will the pistol operate longer on a worn spring, sure it will. Well, it might and maybe it won't when you need it the most.

    Apr 27, 2012  I bought a new glock factory recoil assembly as the donor and swapped it for a 13lb ISMI. A pair of pliers with a good wedge to pry loose the endcap was all it took. Now I have a factory recoil setup and an IDPA/USPSA legal lower power captured setup.

    The Stainless Steel Competition Recoil Spring for Glocks is one of the best Glock accessories available today. It's design provides better cycling action than factory while also being a more durable and easily dropped in part, available at

  • Flat Wire Recoil Springs

    These ISMI recoil springs for Glock pistols are wound from flat wire so they are a direct replacement for your factory supplied springs. Manufactured to ISO 9002 quality control standards, ISMI uses aerospace spec materials. Springs are fully processed for maximum durability and consistency.

    Recoil Springs - 26, 27, 33. For Use In: Glock 26, 9mm Glock 27, .40 S&W Glock 33, .357 Sig Note: For use in all models above including Generation 4 Wolff recoil springs for Glock 26, 27 and 33 are matched sets of inner and outer springs. Extra power spring sets help improve recoil function in these pistols.

    If a Glock fits your needs, we encourage you to get one — all of us here at RECOIL have many of them. But if you appreciate the extra features on the Polymer80 frames, price out the cost of getting custom framework done on your Glock before you make your decision.

    Sep 24, 2012  Please tell me how to remove guide rod springs on my G 27? It seems to me that most commonly you would replace the entire RSA with a new RSA, captive recoil springs. For the dual spring assembly of a G27, I wouldn't even attempt to try to change the springs only.

    Replaces the factory spring with (1) non-captive, recoil spring and (1) striker spring to tailor recoil function. ­Factory weight, Model 17 is 17 lb. for current-production models.

  • Using the DPM reduced recoil system for 18 months now on

    Oct 22, 2015  Using the DPM reduced recoil system for 18 months now on G20 Glock « on: October 22, 2015, 01:20:21 PM » I have been HOOKED on the 10mm round since 1984 when I met Col. Cooper, who invented the round in Nashville Tennessee at Berryfield Airforce Base.

    The Glock® Gen5 Recoil Spring Assembly maintains the felt-recoil reducing benefits introduced with the similar to the recoil spring system in Gen4 pistols. Each Gen5 Recoil Spring Assembly is manufactured to the same specs using the same materials as your Gen5’s original recoil spring assembly, so it will fit and perform flawlessly in your

    Jul 11, 2005  After 10,000 rounds, you should likely replace the recoil spring assy. Wolff sells a non-captive set-up for Glocks, or you can get a new like assy. for your gun. make sure you still have the leaf spring still in the gun that supports the takedown lever and that it has some tension left in it.

    Jan 19, 2008  (1) Lighter recoil spring-13lb ISMI with a few coils cut off-change it out every 5K to 10K rounds. (2) Wolff competition striker spring. (3) Glock factory trigger spring.