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Kathysia industrial Co., Ltd was reorganized from Zhengzhou spring factory, which founded in 1957, having more than 60 years of professional experience in this field. Kathysia is a designated spring products supplier by the Chinese ministry of machinery industry, and a member of China spring association.

We Supply all kinds of Springs for all applications, If you can’t find a stock spring for your application, or would like to match a competitor’s spring not offered through this website, Our engineering staff is ready to answer your questions or assist in designing the right spring for your application.

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Our facility is equipped for coining, forming, compound die, shallow draw, punching, notching, progressive die, and a number of other services. We've stamped popular metals including various types of alloys, aluminum galvanized steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, HSLA, and many more.Progressive Stamping & Integrated Packaging of Stainless Steel Bridging Clip for the Telecommunication Industry (click on thumbnail to enlarge) This stainless steel bridging clip is used within a Bridge Connector application, and the packaging was incorporated into the manufacturing process.View more on our progressive die stainless steel clips manufactured in various sizes with metal stamping techniques for usage in the construction industry. Talan Products 877.419.2805Reliable Metal Stamping was contracted to produce 250,000 steel beam clamps for a customer in the electrical industry. As a result, these parts were used within a building construction application. Progressive Die Stamping of Steel Clamps - Franklin Park, IllinoisWe can provide progressive dies to handle material thicknesses from as thick as 5.0mm (.200") high strength steel to as thin as 0.25mm (.010") thick aluminum and stainless steel. Request a...

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This is the bottom view of the stainless steel clip shown on the previous slide.

Progressive Die Stampings; Long Run, High Speed Stamping; Stainless Steel Stampings; Shipping custom quality progressive die stampings around the globe, Talan Products provides you world-class quality assurance and precision stamping technology. Stamping your parts from stainless steel, aluminum or other metals demands precision.

View Example Custom Metal Stamping & Progressive Die Stamping Projects by Reliable Metal Stamping Co., Inc. At Reliable Metal Stamping Co., Inc. we're proud our services have helped hundreds of customers with their stamping needs. Whether you're looking for a new vendor for your current metal stamping requirements or have a new project in mind, the profiles below will give you a closer look at

For the most complete inventory of steel in unique, specialty grades in big sizes and commodity stainless steels, customers choose Progressive Alloy Steels Unlimited. Because Progressive keeps an unusually complete inventory of high end stainless steel products and can precisely cut the length you require, most customers' orders are shipped

At Atlantic Precision Spring, we manufacture a variety of metal clips, both standard and completely custom, including metal clips, fasteners, metal spring clips, and U-clips in an assortment of materials and styles. These clips work in all kinds of environments, from underwater to outer space, and everywhere in

Find metal structural steel parts used in the construction industry such as stainless steel clips from Talan Products. Call Talan to learn more!

Progressive Die Stamping Services in New England. HEB Manufacturing Company, Inc., Box 188, Chelsea, VT 05038 PH: 802-685-4821 FAX: 802-685-7755 Plain Stainless Steel Processes to Manufacture: Progressive Die. Description: Roof Clips for Standing Seam Roofing Contractors Material:.018" Steel

Custom manufacturer of complex progressive die stampings for prototype and medium to large volume production. Stampings are available within 6 x 6 in. blank sizes. Materials include beryllium, brass, copper, cold-rolled steel, copper stainless steel, phosphor bronze, and exotic metals.

The metal stamping process is typically intended for higher volume, long run production parts as there is usually a higher tooling (stamping die) cost up front but lower part production cost.

Deep Drawn Stamping of Steel Bracket Mount Progressive Die Stamping of a Nickel Conductive Shield Progressive Die Stamping of a Steel Bracket Assembly Design and Coiling of Music Wire Torsion Spring Development & Stamping of Aluminum Heat Sink Fin Assembly Progressive Stamping & Wire Forming of Steel Spring Loaded Bracket Assembly Precision Fourslide Forming of a Stainless Steel Retaining Ring

Precision Progressive Die Stamping of 304 Stainless Steel Part. Paykra Tool and Die Inc.'s automotive client needed a grease slinger disk for an ABS motor and asked us to design and build the progressive die, then stamp and supply the part, based on their part print. We created the tooling, and, due to the high volume, installed the die in a high-speed punch press to stamp the part.

Luckily, we came up with a progressive die set that fit the need exactly. Because this would be used outdoors and be subject to the worst that Mother Nature had to offer, we selected to form the cup from a .024″ thick, 3.2″ diameter sheet of 302 annealed stainless steel. The material choice gave us and the customer a number of advantages.

Atlantic Precision Spring is a manufacturer of flat springs and metal clips. We manufacture materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.003″ (0.076 mm) to 0.125″ (3.175 mm), and up to 12.00″ (304.8 mm) wide depending on the intricacy.

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Types include automotive, fourslide, Multislide®, long run, high speed and progressive die stampings. Aluminum, copper, brass, Inconel®, stainless steel, and carbon steel materials used. Available up to 600 tons presses and 12 in. press stroke. Progressive die stampings come in

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    For nearly 100 years, Peterson Spring has been specializing in progressive die operations. Our press capacities are up to 250 tons, with die bed sizes up to 48x96 inches (122x244 cm). We use advanced manufacturing capabilities and craftsmanship to specialize in high carbon clips and brackets.

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    Fourslide metal stamping dies cost less than other tooling, like progressive dies, forging and casting dies and expendable cutting tools, among others. The quality, accuracy, function, wear life and appearance of parts can be greatly improved by designing them to be stamped.

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    Our metal cable clamps and clips are available in hard to find stainless steel, cushioned and vinyl dipped steel. Nylon cable clips are available in black or natural, are non-conductive, and resistant to common lubricants and salt. All of our cable clamps are quick and easy

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    Principle of M10 Flat Head Nut Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchor Progressive punching mould. Progressive Die Stamping is a demanding method of working with metal that can encompass not just “stamping”, but punching, bending and several other ways of modifying various types and grades of metal raw material, combined with an automatic feeding system.