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  • Trailer Axle: Use Leaf Springs? Or Torsion Axle? Here's

    Trailer Axle: Use Springs? Or Torsion Axle. In the discussion of trailer axle leaf springs versus a torsion axle, let’s put some engineering behind the debate. I don’t want to change opinions, but I would like to offer perspective. I have not seen this kind of analysis in other places, so maybe it will help you too?

    Mar 30, 2016  If you have more than one axle on your trailer, a leaf spring setup is the most reliable option for a steady ride. Leaf springs are also preferable if your trailer is stored on uneven ground, as it will hold up better over the long term because of the independent nature of each spring. Torsion suspension. Torsion suspension uses an inner rubber core for its suspension mechanism.

    Sep 30, 2010  Re: Leaf Springs vs Torsion As I said before, my experience with torsion axles vs. leaf spring axles is that the torsion axles I have had need new tires sooner due to unusual tire wear. I have never experienced the unusual tire wear like that on any of my leaf spring trailers.

    Oct 15, 2017  However, leaf spring setups tend to be more bouncy on uneven roads, and they also wear out faster and will need to be repaired more often. Torsion Axle. Torsion axle systems are usually considered an upgrade option when you’re purchasing a trailer, but some higher-end trailers come standard with them.

    Leaf springs provide a spring like damping action. Unlike torsion axles, leaf spring axles are bolted to the leaf spring. The leaf spring is attached at both ends to the trailer. Leaf spring axles are less compact than torsion axles and take up more space and add more weight to your trailer.

  • Torsion Axles vs Leaf Spring

    After all, we sell both kinds of trailers and believe that each are great in their own way. So here’s an overview of the two types – torsion and leaf spring – in our attempt to help you make an informed decision on which kind of system is best for you and your trailer. The Skinny on Torsion Axles

    May 13, 2019  the only problem with torsion is that your trailer is actually lowered when the suspension "works", with leaf springs your trailer rolls over everything and the trailer is lifted as the suspension works.

    Dec 29, 2009  Page 2 of 2 - Enclosed trailers- torsion or spring axle? - posted in Trailer Talk: Spray your steel rims with a rust prohibitive. Dont bother trying to keep them clean as the 1st mile you drive on winter roads they will be dirty. Dont forget to coat the INSIDE of the rims as well.

    Feb 24, 2016  Torsion is 0 maintenance, I have 2-10k Torsion axles on my float trailer for 6 years, done 0 maintenance, and converted my Landscape trailer over to 2-3500lb Torsion cause I was sick of doing shakles and bushing every year, and again, 0 maintenance, and the ride difference is literally night and day, you'd be crazy to buy a leaf spring trailer

    Leaf Springs vs. Torsion This post was written by ghoj on January 31, 2014 Posted Under: Trailer Axles, Hubs & Springs The two most common forms of suspension on general duty trailer axles (1,500 lbs – 5,200 lbs) are going to be leaf sprung or torsion.

  • leaf spring vs. torsion spring suspension

    Aug 25, 2006  Torsion axles are fine for a trailer with no variation in the load like a boat or RV trailer. For a flat bed trailer with variable loads springs will equalize the load on both axles.

    Dec 22, 2014  Of the single and dual axle trailers I have owned, half have been leaf, half torsion. For small single axle trailers or a heavier duty equipment trailer that might see some crazy loads, leaf. No way I would do leafs on an enclosed trailer. My 8.5x24' 10k# trailer was heavily used for 11 years when I sold it and it still exhibited excellent tire

    Comparing Leaf Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Dexter and Hayes/AL-KO. Question: Haynes vs Dexter? Or are they both good axles? Thinking about buying 22foot split tilt trailer #14000 lbs. Most of these trailers use torsion axles, I believe it is a clearance issue. I not sure about torsion axles have mixed feelings. (of course this goes with

    Mar 31, 2015  Torsion suspension vs. leaf spring suspension axles – the pros and cons of each!. There are two forms of suspension that are used on most trailer axles – torsion or leaf sprung. If you have researched either type, you have probably found that there are many contradictory opinions.

    Jun 15, 2009  Good info, my experience towing utility trailers, boat trailers and PUP all had leaf springs trailers would bounce on anything, potholes, train tracks uneven pavement (we have alot of uneven pavement up here were the frost can go up to 6' down, and heave the pavement) I much prefer the feel of the Torsion Axles very smooth.

  • Should I Buy a Horse Trailer with Torsion Axles or

    Torsion axles are generally thought of as superior to leaf spring axles. They are not as loud as leaf spring suspension and they can provide a smoother ride. Since each wheel is independent from the other wheels there is less of an effect on the entire trailer when driving over bumps or on rough terrain.

    A drop axle looks like a very wide letter "U." The wheel hubs attach to the upward tips of the "U" and the leaf springs attach to the bottom horizontal portion. A drop will get the trailer lower to the ground for better handling, but comes with even more of a ground clearance penalty than just using overslung springs.

    Feb 04, 2014  Leaf springs are created by stacking leaves of different lengths and/or stiffness. So you're right in observing they should be the same. But I think you hit the nail on the head regarding matching the right axle to the load. I would venture a guess that most trailers with torsion axles are sized more properly than those with leaf spring.

    The two main types of light trailer suspension are leaf spring and torsion axle. A torsion axle uses a two-piece square axle with rubber cords inside. This allows the axle to twist inside of itself acting as a spring. A torsion axle is simple, but it is non-serviceable, meaning that when it

    Jan 23, 2015  Leaf Springs vs. Torsion This post was written by Eastern Marine on January 31, 2014 The two most common forms of suspension on general duty trailer axles (1,500 lbs – 5,200 lbs) are going to be leaf sprung or torsion. Leaf Sprung axles can be visually identified by the fact that they will sit either on top of or below a set of leaf springs.

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    Nov 24, 2012  If you're not prepared for your trailer to ride level, go spring. If you ever travel unloaded, torsion ride better when unladen. Spring axles are generally stronger and less likely to bend. Torsion will have less maintenance (no hangers or equalizers).

    Because coil spring windings are typically thinner than leaf springs or torsion bars are, breakage such as this can occur in worst-case scenarios. Leaf Springs. Leaf springs are literally older than the automobile itself, having been in use since the earliest horse-driven carriages traveled the countryside.