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  • light trigger on 686?

    Oct 22, 2013  I am no expert, but I have had some S&W revolvers for 30 years and have taken some measurements on them. Had a model 14, 17 and 66 from 1980 on before buying my 686 new. The trigger pull on my 686 is 8lb 0oz double action and 2lb 10oz single action. I am the original owner-bought it new in Sept 1985 and it has never been worked on.

    Feb 04, 2005  You can change the rebound spring, but just make sure it's strong enough to reset the trigger under recoil. The trick in action tuning after polishing all surfaces is to have a mainspring that will allow a lighter pull while still strong enought to ignite all primers and a rebound spring to complement it while still forcing the trigger to reset under recoil.

    Oct 15, 2013  The hammer may also not be moved to the rear as needed, resulting in binding. The trigger may even move to the rear and stay there and not return to the forward position if the rebound spring is of insufficient strength. This little rebound does more than most shooters realize it does. A tool well worth purchasing is the Brownells S&W Rebound

    Nov 25, 2003  I have a S&W model 686 and I'm thinking of taking it to a pistolsmith who specializes in S&W. Nothing really wrong, but my question is: what exactly should I have done to improve the performance? In other words, what should I tell the gunsmith I want done to improve this gun? I hear about glass beading, trigger springs, chamfer holes, etc.

    Nov 27, 2013  Please Note: For this modification to result in reliable ignition of your pistol, you MUST fully seat primers if you reload and use soft primers. I am in no way responsible for your attempts at

  • S&W 686 Plus Trigger pull

    Jul 28, 2013  Since I am new to the forum community I could use some advise. I purchased a S&W 686 Plus, 3 inch barrel Talo. It was NIB and not fired. I haven't taken it to the range as of yet but it seems to me the trigger has a hard rough pull.

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    S&W Model 686 Plus .357 Magnum/.38 Smith & Wesson Special +P 4 Inch Barrel Satin Stainless Finish Adjustable Sight Internal Lock 7 Round Model 686 Plus Single action, double action. L-Medium frame. Seven round capacity. Full lug barrel. .375 target hammer. .312 smooth target trigger. Red ramp front sight. Adjustable white outline rear sight.

    Smith & Wesson SD Series Spring Kit (SD9, SD40, SD9VE & SD40VE). This SD Spring Kit produces a smoother trigger pull and improved reset, along with lowering the trigger pull weight from 8lbs factory to a comfortable useable 4.5 - 5.5 lbs range with a reliable ignition of standard primers. D esigned for Duty/Carry use. The kit is the perfect complement to any Smith & Wesson SD pistol.

    Feb 12, 2006  I don't understand what I think I saw with this, but the power rib would not light primers that a bent stock spring would at nearly identical trigger pull weights. Said another way, at ~5.25 lbs pull, the gun is reliable with the bent stock spring but has similar failures to your descripton with the Wolff. S+w 686 With Wolff Springs

  • Apex spring kit for J

    Apr 04, 2014  As a comparison the S&W-4506 semiautomatic the trigger press DA 10lbs and the SA 5lbs. another example would be the S&W-99 trigger press DA 8lbs and the SA 5lbs. As for a revolver example the S&W M-66 the trigger press DA 10lbs and the SA 5lbs. 686, and Sig 239 and have never had any problems ever. apex trigger spring kit for s&w 642 j

    Trigger pull: A heavy trigger pull is not an indication of problems. Often the mainspring and trigger rebound spring have been replaced or altered to reduce trigger pull. A very light trigger pull could result in light primer hits. Cock the hammer in SA mode. Squeeze the trigger lightly. You should feel no creep or grit before the hammer drops.

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    Mar 08, 2019  Yes - it lightens the trigger pull, but no, it isn't a real extensive trigger job. Older S&W revolvers appear to have gotten more attention to the trigger than newly manufactured ones. Also, there is more work done on the Performance Center handguns. 686 spring kit, smith and wesson wilson spring kit?, wilson combat install. Click on a term

    Trigger spring right for Silver Pigeon, 12/20/28/410 ga. Fits: 680 - 687 - S685 - S686 - S687 - Ultralight DeLuxe - Ultralight Classic - Ultralight Gold. We suggest to

  • Trigger Spring Browning

    Trigger Spring Browning Reviews : Best Price!! Where I Can Get Online Clearance Deals on Trigger Spring Browning Save More!

    These quality spring kits feature the finest gun springs available, made from high-tensile spring wire for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Kits include the various springs necessary to assure reliable function, smooth operation, consistency, and long life. Includes 12, 13, and 14lb reduced power rebound trigger springs.

    Aug 16, 2012  Hi guys, I recently decided to try my hand at revolver competition shooting with a S&W 686 (357 magnum). To lighten up the stock 12 pound trigger pull, I installed a Wolff Spring pack consisting of a type-2 reduced power mainspring and a 15 pound reduced power rebound spring. This gave me a w

    Oct 02, 2014  The kit includes 4 springs, a hammer spring and 3 different weight trigger return springs you can use to get the trigger feel you want. The Wilson Custom Tune spring kit comes with 4 springs, a single hammer spring that is lighter than the stock spring and three trigger return springs.

  • GP100 trigger springs

    Jun 11, 2014  GP100 trigger springs. This is a discussion on GP100 trigger springs within the Ruger Double Action forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Any body change out the trigger etc springs on their Ruger GP 100 IF so what did you go with and with what results I

    Do you sell both an improved competition hammer AND trigger with appropriate springs for the S&W Model 929, 9mm Revolver? I waited months for delivery of my 929, only to find a Terrible Action / Trigger pull removal of the side plate revealed MIM trigger and hammer components that could NOT be stoned or polished for Steel Challenge competition.