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  • How To Replace Leaf Springs

    How to Replace Leaf Springs: A Step-by-Step Guide. Leaf springs play an integral role in your truck's suspension system. The purpose of leaf springs is to prevent the truck from slouching in the back when you haul heavy loads. Leaf springs keep the truck balanced and the tires level throughout each ride — even when you accelerate, brake and

    Oct 12, 2015  You don't have to take the leaf packs out to put a AAL in, only separate them enough to slide the AAL in between the overload and bottom leaf. Re: Should I Replace My Leaf Springs

    Mar 12, 2018  Screw the leaf spring to the front bracket with a ratchet wrench. Attach the spring to the rear bracket. Fit the other end of the spring in the square-shaped bracket at the back end of the wheel. Replace the eye bolts and nuts, tightening them until the spring is suspended in place.

    Jul 14, 2013  If you're going to extend the stop to no travel, don't bother welding the spring. Replace it with a piece of flat iron and go about your business till you get a new spring. If the spring has rolled ends, weld pipe to fit. Ben

    We put in new leaf springs, overload leaves, and they come in pairs. I personally would rather replace two at a time at least, because you know the other one if it's original isn't going to last much longer either.

  • How to change leaf spring pins and bushings on a Big Truck

    May 16, 2016  How to change leaf spring pins and bushings on a Big Truck. Remove and replace leaking hydraulic cylinders on Bobcat 9/01/17 - Duration: 20:01. Gordon Robertson DIY 18,942 views.

    Apr 10, 2007  Most of us agree with Boyink, replace both. I've found that a 2.5" suspension lift from Skyjacker is a pretty soft/flexible set of springs. These are only 4 leaf packs and will tend to sag over the years if your rig is heaver than a basic stock rig. Mine is heavier, and I've had the Skyjacker on for 10 yrs.

    The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trailer Leaf Springs. Anytime you see a crack or break in the spring it is time to replace them. When a trailer spring fails you can receive significant damage to your trailer and boat such as complete suspension failure, cracks in the frame, tire or hub damage, and trailer axle damage.

    Nov 17, 2015  Springs in general, and leaf springs in particular, help perform the first two of these functions: they support the weight of the vehicle while absorbing bumps. A leaf spring is usually attached to the body or frame of the vehicle at each end, while the wheel or axle assembly is fixed to the middle of the spring.

    How to Replace Leaf Springs. Place the front bushing of the new spring into the front mounting bracket. Install the front eye bolt and nut. Make sure the bolt head is toward the center of the vehicle.

  • Tell Tale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Leaf Springs

    Tell Tale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Leaf Springs. If the car does sit low on one side, then it’s time to remove the wheels and inspect further. Clean the leaf springs with a wire brush to remove the dirt and grime and look for wear and cracks. If any exist, then replacement leaf springs are

    May 22, 2018  Like many auto parts, a leaf spring is an item that you never know you need until it breaks or wears down. The leaf spring is a part of the suspension system that helps to provide support and a smoother ride, by absorbing the impact of bumps and potholes in the road.

    Oct 04, 2010  I would suggest asking a spring shop to replace just the one broken leaf. Two Lane Big Foot has it. both should be replaced. purdy sure unless you special order one, they only come in sets. just make sure they come with eye-let bushings to.

    First, remove the bolt or bolts that hold the spring shackle (the mount) to the car or truck body. This will allow the leaf spring to drop free and give you more room to remove its bolts. Which brings us to the next step, remove the bolts that attach the leaf spring to the old, broken spring mount.

    I replaced all the rear axle leaf spring U-bolts on my 1991 Chevy K1500 pickup yesterday with brand new, quality aftermarket U-bolts, high-nuts, and thick hardened washers. I also replaced the top-plates that the U-bolts go over and the bottom anchor plates that go under the axle housing, at the same time.

  • Replacement Leaf Springs Made In USA

    Replacement Leaf Springs – MADE IN THE USA. In addition, we can get made leaf springs to meet specific requirements in terms of lift and carrying capacity. You can use the Leaf Spring Request form below to give us your specific requirements and needs. We can also get the hard to find leaf springs made for your classic American cars and hot rods.

    A leaf spring should be replaced if it is badly rusted, has cracks or breaks in its leaves or if it is sagging. A 14-year-old travel trailer could certainly be in need of new leaf springs. The keys to selecting correct replacement leaf springs are to match your axle capacity, number of leaves and spring size.

    A leaf spring may be built to last your vehicle's lifetime, but it needs regular maintenance to last such a long time. To keep these springs in top shape, here are some tips when cleaning and knowing when to replace them: Cleaning a leaf spring. Because of their location, leaf springs are

    Oct 21, 2016  If the back of truck is only sagging when hauling or using something like a turnover ball hitch, then yes – a helper spring is your best option. Even after you replace your leaf springs, if you’re constantly adding weight, then go with the helper spring. OEM leaf springs are designed to be in the middle of weight support and comfort.

    If the vehicle fails any of these tests, then replace the springs. Then there is reality, when redoing a 30 year old truck with a bunch of miles on it, it is just a darn good idea to replace the springs. And don’t stop at the front springs, check the rear leaf springs and all 4 shocks.

  • How to Install Leaf Springs

    Once you find the right replacement springs you are going to need to know how to install them. Here is a basic step by step guide to installing leaf springs. Step 1 - Prepare Before spring installation you will have to prepare your old suspension. You should begin to prepare at least 3 days before you remove the old springs.

    Jan 16, 2017  If the car is sitting too low, it may be time for a replacement, but even that may be way too soon. The springs are what hold your car’s body off the ground. You

    The u-bolts must be tightened to the proper torque specs to eliminate any and all movement between the spring and the axle and between each leaf of the spring. Should the u-bolts be loose two things can happen. First is broken center bolts and the second being broken leaves. The center bolt hole is the weakest part of the spring leaf.

    Due to the sheer amount of metal layered together, leaf springs offer a large amount of support between the wheels, axles and the car’s chassis. They can take huge vertical loads being applied to them due to their tight-knit structure, hence why heavy duty industries still use them.